an equity partner with developers and builders
across North America.

an AI-powered innovative fundraising platform focused on making land development projects more efficient, less risky and with a higher return for developers and investors.

More Investors, More Projects.

How it works:

Invest with as minimum as $25,000 and become equity partner in real estate development and construction projects.

List your project in Crowda and have access to millions of investors for equity partnership.

What we do:

Due Diligence

We do our due diligence to ensure the viability of the projects.

Project Listing

The project would be accessible to all accredited investors across the globe.

Investment Management

You can invest in the projects of your interest, manage your investments, and track the returns.

Investor Communication

We keep investors informed about the status of the project and their investments.

Analytics and Reporting

Investors can track the performance of their investments and understand their returns.

Fund your project in 3 steps


Together, We Make It Happen.

The platform helps make everything in the process more efficient and less costly — from due diligence to funding to liquidity.

Our Partners

The Canadian division of Crowda Funding Technologies Ltd. is presently refraining from engaging in the provision of advice, acceptance of investments, or promotion of any projects or products until further notice.

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